HORWARD PROPERTIES, Hayes Street, San Francisco. CA, Ben & Jason , Friend.
As Property Developers in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years, We have come to realize that having the right people around you when you tackle such projects as we do means everything in the end. Its never easy but with mike and the guys, There is certainly a since that things are been made as easy as they can in this tough business and challenging environments. Good planning and a expert working knowledge of their field is their secret. We highly recommend Mike and his Team for any size or scale project. "
SANTA CLARA MISSION CEMETERY, Winchester Avenue, Santa Clara, CA Thomas Bruton-Cemetery Manager.
Egan Agape Construction has worked for us on our cemetery resting place for the past 2+ years. They have performed a large scale of tasks on our sacred grounds, from completely remodeling our administrative offices to performing the delicate task of restoring one of our oldest chapels on our property and in Santa Clara itself. They have become part of our team and have performed above and beyond the capabilities of any contractor we have experienced over the years. And have above all else and most importantly always been aware of the sensitivity, respect and honor that reside in this place every day. It's been really refreshing working with these kind of professionals and we would not have any problems in referring them to anyone or any kind of project anywhere. "
Raj S, Clay street, SF, CA, 94111.
I was skeptical about hiring a new contractor at first and had heard all the bad storys online, but I have been very pleased in the way things worked out in the end. Mike was recommended to me by a friend which made the process easier. I am a very busy person & didn't have too much time to spare on this project, I needed a contractor that could anticipate and respond in the limited time that i did have to spare with them and on the project itself. Thankfully Mike & his team were able to utilized my time to the maximum & completed the tasks involved without much pressure on me. I will definitely use Egan Agape Construction again."
Joan K, Divisadero street, San Francisco, CA.
"Mike did a fantastic job on our home! It was difficult for us to find a reliable contractor, but looking back now on our remodeling experience, what has impressed us the most is not just his crafsmanship and finish product, but also the way he dealt with problems that we didn't foresee when we started out on our project. His honestly and knowledge of the situation were exemplary, and even though everything didn't go 100% to plan and there was some small unforseen issues on our project, we never felt at any stage during the job that we were been misled or our situation been used to our disadvantage. There was no doubt in our minds that we had hired the right contractor from the beginning. I would fully recommend Mike and the guys to anyone remodeling their home."
Mike T, Washington Street, San Francisco, California.
"I was very pleased with mike and his team and the way they performed on my job site. They were very professional from beginning to end. What stood out for me the most was their genuine honesty to perform the tasks at hand. To try and give me the best price and estimate anyone could do to the best of there ability and with the information that was provided at the time. We all know that sometimes things can go wrong and cannot be accounted for at the beginning of a building project, and there are somethings that are out of anyones control. I was totally aware from the start to finish that these kind of things might happen due to the pacfic nature of my property needs. And once we started the project there was a major effort to try and keep within the time frame and budget of my project as honestly and truthfully as possiable that was agreed to from the beginning"
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